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  • Sherri Bowman

Learn How To Take Your Virtual Meetings To The Next Level

Healthcare Building Solutions transition planners Melanie Viquez, PMP, FACHE, EDAC and Hajar Ahmed, MPH were joined by a panel of hospital leaders for a Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo hosted webinar where they shared strategies for maximizing the value of virtual meetings.

This webinar will help you:

  • Gain a perspective from project owners on how they maneuvered through their obstacles to managing teams and consultants virtually.

  • Evaluate strategies that will maximize stakeholders’ involvement in a virtual meeting environment.

  • Recognize how to foster a sense of transparency and engagement in the traditional versus the new hybrid model of communication.

  • Leverage key takeaways from the exclusively virtual/pandemic communication experience to foster productive and collaborative team meetings in new post-pandemic world.

With virtual meetings becoming the "new normal" learn how to take your meetings to the next level.

Click here for the webinar link:

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