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Healthcare Building Solutions Names New Executive Vice President of Transition & Activation Planning

Updated: Mar 18

Kyrsten Johnson joins the rapidly growing healthcare firm to head industry-leading team


February 27, 2024—Healthcare Building Solutions (HBS) welcomes Kyrsten Johnson as Executive Vice President of Transition and Activation Planning. Johnson brings a wealth of practical and technical knowledge from nearly 25 years of experience in this complex service.


“HBS is committed to providing our clients a continuum of services that help them bring projects to life. As EVP of Transition and Activation Planning, Kyrsten plays a critical role in navigating what is often a stressful part of bringing a new facility on line,” says HBS CEO and President Jay Hornung ACHE, CHFM. “There are few in the industry with her hard-fought experience or expertise, so we’re excited to have her on our team.”


Johnson is a highly connected professional who excels at collaborating with owners, architects and construction firms to keep even the most complex, multi-tiered transition and activation projects on track. She taps her expertise in Lean Six-Sigma processes, organizational change management and cloud-based application development to make the entire healthcare ecosystem better, one project at a time.


Johnson is a staunch advocate for mentorship and community engagement within the healthcare industry. She currently serves as Board Chair of the Association of Medical Facility Professionals Southern California Chapter and an Advisory Board Member of Giving Design, a non-profit design agency. Previously, she served as the mentorship program lead for the Association of Women Architects and Designers.


“Kyrsten has worked through every component of transition projects, from big picture organization to the smallest logistical details. She started her own firm and has worked with some of the most innovative and demanding organizations in our industry. There’s little doubt she will accomplish great things with our team,” said Scott Didonato Chief Operating Officer.


In 2000, Johnson co-founded and led her own company specializing in transition and activation planning, all but defining the service line at a time when hospitals and healthcare facilities demanded higher levels of technology and operational responsiveness.



At HBS, we’re more than your consultant; we’re your partner. Recognized across the nation, we specialize in transforming healthcare and technology needs into real, workable solutions. From planning and design through activation and ongoing operations, our comprehensive suite of services offers a seamless, integrated approach to bring your strategic initiatives online, efficiently and effectively. For more information visit

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