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Medical Equipment Planning

Planning more value into every room.

At HBS, we partner with key project stakeholders to define requirements and deliver the right equipment solutions. Our extensive knowledge of emerging technologies and our experience with the fast-paced demands of today’s complex environments gives us the perspective to take a fully integrated approach to design, planning and procurement.

Whether the project is a minor departmental renovation or a new replacement facility, we take the time to understand every detail so that the final deliverable improves outcomes, operational efficiencies and financial performance.

When combined with HBS’ transition planning, facility activation, and move management services, our integrated approach reduces risk, improves efficiency, and safeguards your capital investment.

  • Financial Efficiency: One multi-facility IDN tapped our team to fast-track a revised equipment list as well as an equipment procurement and installation strategy. We delivered on time, in full compliance and reduced the equipment spend by $2.3M.

  • Future-Proof Planning: By leveraging automated asset-tracking technology, our team streamlined the procurement, handling and installation of equipment for a 1M-SF replacement facility. The system eliminated the need for unnecessary gates and bureaucracy, reducing project expenses by $150M, and baking in future flexibility and inventory control.

  • Smooth operations: Our comprehensive, collaborative needs assessment of one client’s six cardiac cath/interventional labs reduced equipment costs by $1.3M and defined an implementation strategy that saved time, money and anxiety.

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Medical Equipment Planning

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