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Facility Activation & Logistics

Keeping track of the details so you don't have to.

Opening a new facility is as exciting as it is fraught with complications. Our facility activation experts rely on a team-based implementation process that identifies significant activities and milestones that impact building load-in and occupancy.

Our comprehensive logistical plans include clear, user-friendly dashboards to identify, define and manage building and operational readiness. It’s a proven process that reduces downtime and helps mitigate risk.


When combined with HBS’ equipment planning, transition planning, and move management services, our integrated approach reduces risk, improves efficiency, and safeguards your capital investment.


  • Full Collaboration: HBS works collectively with key project stakeholders to provide the resources and expertise that will help your organization save money and time during the crucial go-live period.

  • Occupancy Sequencing: We develop activation schedules that define major tasks and implementation activities, creating the right sequence for your facility to open and operate seamlessly. One client estimated our expertise saved their organization over $750,000 in project costs by taking every detail into account.

  • Comprehensive Logistics and Installation: We know the facility activation process inside and out. We identify and support critical dependencies while mitigating risks. We manage and handle all the coordination, staffing, scheduling, and installation details so our clients can focus on their bigger picture.

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Transition & Activation Planning

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