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Transition Planning

Guiding staff through planning with a focus on patient care.

Moving into a new or renovated space is the most anticipated and stressful part of bringing a new project on line. HBS’s transition planners help make this once-in-a-career change a more rewarding and frictionless experience for all involved.

Our team provides a clear roadmap that breaks down the process into small, more manageable tasks, ensuring a successful go-live process. With some of the industry’s most experienced transition planning professionals, we have managed the transition process for over 100B+ SF of new facilities.

When combined with HBS’ equipment planning, facility activation, and move management services, our integrated approach reduces risk, improves efficiency, and safeguards your capital investment.

  • Organizational Readiness: By integrating our transition team early in the project process, as well as partnering with the project team, activation team and organizational leaders, we helped one client save $500,000 and meet their aggressive move-in date.

  • Operational Readiness: Our workflow approach applies the seven flows of Lean Healthcare, using visual tools and templates to reinforce your staff’s understanding of the design intent to evaluate operations in the current and new facilities. At one 340-bed replacement hospital, our team worked with each department and unit on workflow mapping and planning to fully optimize the new layout, new technology and new inter-departmental processes.

  • Staff Readiness: Our “Day-in-the-Life” simulations are among the best in the business. At one 100-bed children’s hospital, we used our in-depth process to create training materials and walk through every step, saving over 80 hours of training, heading off issues before they start, and enhancing the employee and patient experience.

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