Transition Planning

Partners in launching successful operations in your new building.

Moving into a new or renovated space is the most highly anticipated and stressful part of bringing a new project online. HBS’s transition planners can help make this once-in-a-career change a less stressful experience for all involved.


Our team provides a clear roadmap that breaks down what can be an overwhelming process into smaller, more manageable tasks, ensuring a successful go-live and first patient day.


We recognize this transition is not your full-time job.  Our transition planners provide tools and templates that streamline the process and allow you to focus on your patients.


Our team will help your staff understand the design intent and how to operationalize their new healthcare environment. We partner with you from the beginning and remain at your side throughout the move.

Our transition planners are ready to help with:

Transition Planning graphic
  • Organizational Readiness:  We understand that transition begins early in the process when the departments are still programming their spaces. We partner with the project team, activation team, and hospital leaders to develop tasks, milestones, and an overall project schedule for the transition planning, through go-live.


  • Operational Readiness:  Our team will work closely with each hospital unit to facilitate and develop workflow mapping and planning for efficient delivery of services in the new building by  examining factors such as the new layout, advancements in technology, and new inter-departmental processes.


  • People Readiness:  Our transition planners will make sure your teams are ready for work in their new building by partnering with your in-house education and training team and department leadership to develop training materials and oversee Day-in-the-Life simulation-based testing.

When combined with HBS’s medical equipment planning, facility activation, and move management services, our integrated approach reduces risk, improves efficiency, and safeguards your capital investment.