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Digital Technology Consulting

Helping you navigate technology solutions.

The need for secure, reliable, and scalable technology has never been greater. Or more expensive. Seamlessly integrated, communication and technology systems are not only vital to keeping businesses running, but they are also instrumental to innovation, creativity, and knowledge sharing.


At HBS, we understand our clients’ digital technology pain points and marshal our expertise to augment your in-house IT/technology team or embed within your organization.


HBS subsidiary, OneEQ can help you align your technology investments with specific financial goals. Our experts have the vision to deliver tangible improvements in high performance IT systems within the facility design and construction arena.

Our digital technology specialists work with clients to:

  • Reduce Initial IT Investment Anxiety. We bring the foresight and flexibility to allocate financial resources appropriate for day one but flexible enough to accommodate future requirements.


  • Identify Best-Fit Technology. We provide the vision to match appropriate technology with specific financial goals as well as near- and long-term needs.


  • Foster Seamless Communication. We ensure all systems—clinical and non-clinical—communicate seamlessly across multiple platforms.


  • Strengthen Cyber Security. We help you plan for and implement technology that prevents malicious activity across the physical and virtual components of the IT backbone.


  • Integrate Wireless/Mobile Solutions. We think in terms of ecosystems—a technology mesh that enables multiple technologies, devices, and users to coexist without interference, minimizing disruption, reducing threats and maintaining uptime.


  • Minimize Spend, Maximize Tech. We believe in innovation as much as proven reliability. We know how to squeeze value out of your tech assets.


  • Address Scalability and Growth. We “bake in” flexibility and agility that allows you to pivot in the future, adopt new technologies and adapt to changes in market conditions.

Specific services include:

  • Medical Communications and Clinical Systems Integration

  • IT Infrastructure

  • Network and Cloud Solutions

  • Wireless and Mobility

  • Smart-Building Technology

  • Security

  • Audio-Visual

When combined with HBS’ equipment planning, facility activation, and move management services, our integrated approach reduces risk, improves efficiency, and safeguards your capital investment.


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