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Supplemental Resource Support

Supporting Your Project Team

Today, design and construction projects face daunting challenges as owners look to increase efficiency while ​decreasing overhead costs.

Our staff brings experience sitting on the owner's side of the table and have been involved with managing projects of all sizes from concept through completion.  

If your current staff does not have the appropriate expertise for a large-scale, complex project, HBS can augment your in-house resources with experienced project management staff.

HBS’ supplemental resource support solutions can assist you by:

  • Supporting dock/receiving and storeroom support during facility activation and Go Live period. 

  • Supporting your in-house staff during employee transitions.

  • Augmenting in-house staff during peak workloads.

  • Reducing overhead/salary cost of maintaining personnel between projects.

  • Providing an unbiased perspective to assist in evaluating risks and making business decisions. 

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