Schematic Design: Now is the time to bring in your Equipment Planner

A Medical Equipment Planner is an integral member of any healthcare construction project. For most projects, the medical equipment budget is the second largest expenditure after constructions costs.

For this reason, equipment cost estimates need to be evaluated during the Schematic Design (SD) phase of a project. Critical information is always identified during this phase regarding the requirements of the architecturally significant equipment. During the SD phase, the primary role of the Equipment Planner is to provide spatial and utility requirements to the architect to ensure accurate designs.  However, it is equally important to begin realistic calculations for the complete equipment budget during this phase as well.

An Equipment Planner will be able to provide a baseline budget tabulation for the project during the SD phase. This includes calculating the cost for new equipment needed for each room and incorporating the reuse of existing equipment.  For major fixed equipment such as Imaging Scanners and Laboratory Analyzers, the cost of relocation needs to be included in the equipment budget.

Additionally, previously approved capital equipment purchases must be identified during the SD phase to be included in the equipment plan. This will ensure all architecturally significant items are included in the design and not double counted in the project’s equipment budget.

Early inclusion of the Equipment Planner on a project ensures schedules are aligned with milestones set by Project Management:


Equipment Planners provide valuable information during the SD phase that has significant impact to the clinical design and to the project budget. It is important to establish this data early in project planning so critical details are not overlooked. Ineffective planning during this phase leads to costly changes which can be avoided without a proper project delivery philosophy.


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