Medical Equipment Planning

Planning more value into every room.

Following construction costs, medical equipment purchases are the largest expenditure for a healthcare project.  Depending on a project’s program, equipment costs can account for as much as 30% of the entire project budget.


HBS has the experience and knowledge to balance needs versus wants while meeting the goals of the project within budgetary constraints.

As a leader in the medical equipment planning industry, our team of equipment planners brings the experience they have gained on over 5,000 healthcare projects. The HBS team bases recommendations not only on industry experience and trends, but also independent, unbiased evaluations.

Our Medical Equipment planners can assist you with:

operating room
  • Supplying real life budgetary information.

  • Providing expertise during design and ensuring appropriate sizing and infrastructure for medical equipment.

  • Conducting comprehensive inventories of existing equipment to help determine what is appropriate for reuse.

  • Coordinating equipment standards to support seamless transitions by hospital staff.

  • Developing and tracking the capital equipment list and budget throughout the entire design and construction process.

  • Offering clinicians and administration equipment options and solutions to meet clinical requirements.

  • Coordinating equipment selection with the design and construction teams to limit challenges when equipment arrives.

  • Ensuring the best pricing from equipment vendors.

  • Procuring equipment “just in time” to ensure you install the most advanced technology available.

  • Managing warehouse and vendors to facilitate an efficient installation process.

When combined with HBS’s transition planning, facility activation, and move management services, our integrated approach reduces risk, improves efficiency, and safeguards your capital investment.