HBS Helps Bring New 1.5 Million SF Penn Medicine Hospital On Line

Project Information Detail

HBS provided a full range of services for this 17-story pavilion that provides 504 private patient rooms, 47 operating rooms and a 61-room emergency department. The 1.5-million SF facility is linked to its neighbors on the Penn campus, the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the adjacent Perelman Center for Advanced and the regional train station via a network of public bridges and walkways. Designed following the Disney model with ‘on-stage’ and ‘off-stage’ areas, from the moment of arrival, the patient experience is reframed by breaking down the scale of the hospital into smaller neighborhoods which provide a sense of community.

An extensive mockup process generated valuable insights and helped “future proof” the building to support changing health care needs and technologies for decades to come and resulted in three, 24-bed pods on each floor. To accelerate the schedule, the project utilized prefabricated items including bathroom pods, headwalls, electrical rooms, charting stations and operating-room components which were assembled in an offsite warehouse, then delivered the construction site at night and hoisted onto various floors by crane.

HBS’s medical equipment planning scope of services include creating a composite budget for new purchases of equipment and furnishings for all areas included in the project and developing purchase specifications for owner-supplied major and minor equipment. HBS also provided transition planning and facility activation services, coordinated regulatory approvals and was responsible for delivery and installation/relocation management services, as well as coordinating and scheduling the activities performed by consultants and vendors.

A key project challenge was the need to provide COVID-19 surge support while the project was reaching construction completion. HBS worked closely with Penn Medicine facility staff and caregivers to develop a surge support plan to complete floors early to provide dedicated COVID-19 treatment area. The HBS team worked on site to ensure the safety of staff and patients.

Download the full project sheet here

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