Facilities Services

Maintaining the safety, comfort and value of your facility

HBS is a leader in operating and maintaining health care facilities at optimal functionality. We transition staff and equipment into new spaces, implement new procedures, enhance facility operations, and maintain a safe and comfortable environment on a continuous basis for healthcare owners and operators and facility managers across the United States.

Transition Planning and Implementation

The process of moving into a new healthcare facility requires a carefully sequenced transition. From personnel preparedness to occupancy planning to move management, HBS’ transitioning team can manage the entire process. These experienced managers will create a master schedule of activities and coordinate implementation, so the new facility can open on time and function efficiently.


HBS is dedicated to providing healthcare facilities expert consultation in the area of accreditation, survey preparation and regulatory affairs to achieve optimal performance on your next inspection. Our accreditation preparation includes an Organizational Assessment, Customized Survey Preparation Plan, Standards Training, Survey Process Training, Mock Surveys, and Environment of Care, Emergency Management & Life Safety Code Review.


We offer technical expertise in the design, installation, operation and maintenance of utility systems. Building commissioning is a process that verifies that an owner receives what is specified in the design documents. It can be considered a quality assurance program, ensuring that the owner receives the maximum life-cycle value from the system’s operation. We can assist you in identifying opportunities that will help to optimize the value of your strategic investment.

Facility Management

We focus exclusively on helping hospitals and other healthcare facilities to manage their plant operation services more effectively. Through our comprehensive portfolio of services, we empower you to improve maintenance and engineering while accelerating compliance initiatives and reducing costs. In short, we offer the depth and breadth of services necessary to meet virtually any requirement in the realm of healthcare facilities management.